Tips for Making a Relationship to Your Crush Next Door

Girl next door is beautiful and you wanna make a relationship with her

Since you know where she lives, and she knows where you live, there will be no tendency to give up your kindness. Hey, you are neighbors, and great neighbors help each other. Of course, you have been positive about your neighbors all your life, and you have not been the only idiot everybody hates. But I guess you are not, so you are known to your neighbors as a protected and standardized person. You will also know your “street stand”, which will be an advantage for you. You can learn more at Bitrebels.

The first step would be to make sure the house is clean and tidy, inside and out. You will not need to come to your place unless you provide something very similar to a 5-star hotel. The great thing about working on your home’s appearance is that you will be out all day, and it will give you many opportunities to meet your neighbors (and her). 

You just want her love

These approaches work even if you live in an apartment building. You are unlikely to mow the lawn, but you have a front door that you pass on the way out. You may also have a balcony that you can see from your apartment. At some point, you will see it from the inside!

Please Do

To begin with. Smile and greet all your neighbors who you do not like very much. You can also spend time outside your residence to repair and maintain the house – girls love a working man.

It's time to make a relationship with herI also advise you to invite her home if you have friends or family around for a barbecue or other gatherings, and please don’t forget to take care of her, help her with the house if she looks like she needs help with something. Offer an auxiliary building, which can also be an IKEA wardrobe, in case she notices it is new. I also suggest that you make arrangements to connect this home stereo system.

Please Don’t

Keep in mind that you too, have something you shouldn’t do. First, you should not disturb some of your neighbors at all and keep aggressive dogs around you to protect your home. And don’t let your home look like an inconspicuous ditch. Finally, I strongly advise you not to speed up your walk home or turn up the music too loud.

The best way to win the heart of your neighbor is to help her take care of her property. Fantastic neighbors always do this, so it’s nothing unusual. So she walks into the driveway with a bunch of IKEA boxes in her car, without a guy to help her? They will also be there to help put all the furniture together. You’ll have to get used to it until you offer your help, but you already have (as a wonderful neighbor should).

As acquaintances, you can also do something, for example, help each other with plants or pets. Are you going on vacation? You can take his emails and keep an eye on his home. No situation! Of course, you will have to ask her the same specific favor, because when she takes care of your home for you, you want to make sure that she

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