Why do you think are you not losing weight?

Why do you think are you not losing weight?

Losing weight can be as a result of several things. The main thing that dictates weight loss is the kind of food we take. There are some foods that encourage weight gain while others encourage weight loss significantly. But what are the main things that matter when it comes to losing weight?

Why do you think are you not losing weight?

Eating too much of calories

You will realize that most of the people who battle with weight gain and overweight problems eat a lot of calories. It’s important to let more of your calories come from the proteins and fatty foods. You will be able to know the amount you are taking by tracking your diet. Calories calculations may be tiring but using a calorie calculator or a calorie counter can help you do that. People addicted to junk food can hardly lose weight.


Not monitoring your diet

Proteins are known for having effects upon appetite-regulating hormones in the body. Eating proteins especially in the mornings as breakfast will reduce your cravings for snacks and keep your appetite low so that you won’t need or feel like eating a lot of foods that may increase the calories in your body. If you cannot monitor your eating behaviors, it can be very difficult to go down the journey of losing weight. Don’t do dieting so much because science shows that dieting can lead to weight gain in the long run.

Not going to the gym or doing physical exercise

Lifting weights and exercising is important in the road towards weight loss since the excess fat you have is burned to muscle gain so that as you lose weight your body looks good. It also helps hinder metabolic slowdown. Also, engage yourself in Cardio such as jogging and swimming

Use of sugary and starchy foods and beverages

Eating foods or taking drinks that are sugary encourages weight gain because sugars increase the amount of insulin in the body. When the body has enough or a lot of insulin it cannot burn the calories in your body resulting in weight gain. Taking alcoholic drinks which are sugary and containing a lot of starch in them can prevent weight loss as they add more calories in the body.



In conclusion, a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight as some medication can cause weight gain. Drinking a lot of water boosts the process of calorie burning thus leading to weight loss. If you want to ensure that you will be successful in achieving your weight loss goals, Buy Pure Cambogia Ultra and Life Cleanse~ Best Price. These products are well-known to be really effective.