Warning Signs for Type 2 Diabetes

Warning Signs for Type 2 Diabetes

More than 30 percent of people with diabetes do know about it. This is a similar case for those with common risk conditions for type 2 diabetes: prediabetes. The symptoms could be well known yet likely to miss on them. Type 2 diabetes is very common across the world. It is needless to mention the dangers posed by high sugar levels in diabetes. The condition is often known as ‘silent killer’ since the symptoms are easily missed. Having blood sugar tests would be thus necessary.

Diabetes warning signs

You need to seek medical attention in case you experience the following warning signs of type 2 diabetes:

Excessive thirst and frequent urination

The urge to pass out urine could increase in diabetes. When the kidneys work hard to get rid of excess glucose in the body, the need to pass urine increases. This could be even several times at night. Due to frequent urination, one feels need to take water so as to replace the lost amounts of water. The lost fluids must be replaced in the body. The two symptoms occur together and thus prompting you to seek medical attention.

Unexplained weight loss

rfewt5y6yjhfHigh levels of blood sugars cause rapid loss of weight. While weight loss could be as a result of other health conditions, unexplained loss in weight could be a signal for diabetes. This happens due to low glucose absorption into the body cells. It results from poor insulin hormone performance during diabetes. The body interprets this to be some starving thus utilizing the stored fats and proteins causing weight loss. Kidneys too are overworking and using calories thus causing a calorie deficit in the body.

Unreasonable hunger

Hunger pangs get highly activated with diabetes. This occurs due to low and high peaks of blood sugars. During low levels, the body might think no food has been brought in and thus asking for more. This implies more demand for glucose into the cells.

Skin problems

There are various reasons for skin problems. Type 2 diabetes is one of them. The skin gets itchy and dry. The skin tends to darken around the armpit or neck areas.

Poor healing process

Bruise, cuts and infections take so long to heal when one has diabetes. This is due to damaged blood vessels thanks to excessive glucose in the blood making it hard for the blood to reach various parts.grekufthry42

Irritability and fatigue

Type 2 diabetes may cause a feeling of fatigue. The body is actively working to deal with glucose levels while one frequently gets up to relieve themselves. This causes need to compensate for the lost energy thus causing fatigue.